Rose Cumming Design
Portland, Maine / (207) 210-0818 /

The name Rose Cumming is synonymous with style, wit, and beauty. An original who revolutionized interior design, Rose Cumming arrived in New York from Australia in 1917 and became a legend recognized for her unique talent and unparalleled sense of color. Ms. Cumming died in 1968, but her world-famous design firm thrives.

Her great-niece Sarah Cumming Cecil, President and Principal Designer for Rose Cumming, continues this extraordinary tradition today.

Rooms designed by Rose Cumming have an ease and elegance that distinguishes them from the overwrought design sensibilities that proliferate. Sarah Cumming Cecilís design philosophy features a refined use of materials, sophisticated color, and strong silhouettes.

Whether itís a landmark New York apartment filled with contemporary art, an office space with durable but appealing furnishings, or a cottage on the coast of Maine, the goal is the thoughtful merging of the contemporary and the traditional to create a timeless environment.