Rose Cumming Design
Portland, Maine / (207) 210-0818 /

Rose Cumming is set up to work with all levels of design.

Interior Design and Decorating: Whether itís the design of an entire house, the commercial design of an office, or merely the selection of paint colors for a single room, we are happy to create a place that responds to the clientís needs, preferences, and dreams.

Collaborations with Architects and Builders: We are delighted to work with architects and builders to develop the finishes and surfaces that complement their work and have a long history of such collaborations.

Staging: For the realtor and the seller, we now offer staging, bringing to the process a mix of market research and the right balance of furniture and decorative placement to create an anonymous but inviting environment.

Art Purchase: Whether for the private client seeking to enliven their house, the corporate client with a small office to personalize, or the corporate collection projecting an identity through art investment, we bring flair and expertise to the selection of art.